Disbelief, sorrow, rage, grief, fear, loss, disillusion, anxiety. . . 
The range of feelings that we have been experiencing these past few days is enough to leave us all feeling battered and adrift.  
Today I just want to remind you that *all* of your feelings are valid.  You have permission to feel them all, for as long as you need. Whatever you are feeling today, right now, it's okay.
Our culture tells us that no matter the situation, we need to hustle it up and get through the seven stages of grief in seven hours or less. Suck it up, move on, find the silver lining. 
Some of us are feeling all of that and/or feel ready radiate love, get to work, be the change. Some of us aren't there yet, and some of us are somewhere in the middle. 
Wherever you are today, be gentle with yourself and with your feelings. There is no right way to feel right now. You can give yourself permission to feel it, to name it, and to care for yourself in the ways that will most nourish you today. 



11/23/2016 9:57am

Your article has been a new light for me. I've been hard to myself whenever I feel jealousy and sadness. I sometimes feel exhausted with all the ramblings and stress that I'm feeling and I'm ashamed of that. Now I learned that it's very important to accept what we are feeling right now. We have to ponder on it before you take an action.

12/02/2016 2:10am

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07/20/2017 4:58am

Sunday really is for self care. The best way to start is by shutting out all the outside noises and try to cleanse our souls from within. All the anger bent inward should be directed in an outside direction. This is the beginning of loving ourself. We must protect and rid ourselves of anything that weighs us down. You will be surprised to discover that all of this are from your own creations.

01/02/2017 1:24pm

It might be very difficult to handle these feelings. Now I understand why self-care is so important.

02/06/2017 1:41am

We are all human. We are all capable of feeling what others feel. We don't need to hide it from other people because these feelings can be fatal to us. All we need to do is to be true to ourselves. Let's stop thinking what other people feel rather we must think also for ourselves and our feelings.

04/10/2017 3:22pm

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I'm always gentle with my feelings. This is always serious for me.


Except parents, no one could take good care of you except you.

10/09/2017 4:35am

Life is too short, live happy, laugh louder and smile wider.


12/14/2017 1:47am

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12/29/2017 10:47am


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