As wise, empowered, and embodied women, we are reconnecting to the lost art of honoring the rhythm of our cycle -- in so many ways. And as we practice anticipating and surfing our monthly ebb and flow, ever more gracefully and intuitively, we begin to observe and integrate important energetic patterns. During certain times of the month, we feel vibrant and open and ready to connect with others; at other times, however, we feel depleted and closed-off and unable to muster the energy to connect to the outside world. 
As we honor ourselves by attending to these patterns, we not only look at our past rhythms, but begin to anticipate the weeks ahead as well. An invitation for an upcoming event that sounds perfectly wonderful during our spring (week two of our cycle) may in fact be more than we can manage if the event falls during our summer (pre-menstrual) or autumn (menstruation) weeks. 
Knowing that our energetic resources will shift in this way, we practice Self-Care by thoughtfully considering our rhythm before committing to upcoming obligations or events that may fall during weeks when we crave (and *need*!) quiet and resting time. 
This week, I invite you to consider the idea of holding sacred space for yourself during the days/weeks when you most need down-time. I invite you to resist the temptation to immediately say yes to every invitation or favor or school event, and instead give yourself permission to check in with your monthly rhythm before committing to anything beyond your typical routine. 
(And yes, my non-menstruating Sisters, this goes for you as well. Though you may not be bleeding, your hormonal/energetic cycle is still very real.)
I know that it can be very difficult to say no and to confidently and gracefully create and uphold this boundary for ourselves, Sisters, but it is the cornerstone of our well-being; setting this example of *how we treat ourselves* shows others in our lives how to treat us. 
And as Audre Lorde says, "Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation."



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