“You know, what strikes me is how desperately we all need to know that we are seen and heard. We don’t need our lives to be different, or easier, we just need someone to see the pain. To know what we’ve faced and overcome. To say: Yes. I see this. This is real. We don’t need a magician to take it all away - we just need a witness.” 
- Glennon Doyle Melton

This truth, Sisters. This. Truth.
This is the very foundation of the Red Tent movement, and the cornerstone of our remarkable, transformative Louisville Sisterhood. We affirm this truth each time one of our Sisters speaks in Circle:
“We see you, we hear you, we feel you, our Sister.”

We become whole and healed in telling our stories, and we become whole and healed by hearing the stories of other women.
THIS is the magic of sitting in Circle with other women: The power of sacred witnessing.

As I was reading this quote, I immediately thought of all of the women who have sat in Circle with us in the Red Tent, and how they *know* this to be the truth. And how this has changed and healed them.

But then I thought about the many women here in our Facebook group who have not yet found their way to the Red Tent to sit in Circle with us, and I wondered, do they have a person or place to hold space as sacred witness for them? Who hears their truth?

And then I thought beyond our Circle and Group to the many, MANY women who don’t even know that being witnessed is an option, or something that they -- that *we all* -- need and deserve. Women who have never been introduced to the idea of sitting in Circle. Women who are isolated, without community, without Sisterhood. And my heart is holding them today.

So today, Sisters, as you consider your practice of Self-Care, I invite you to reflect upon your friends and family and community, and ask yourself, Who do I trust to see and hear me? Who bears sacred witness for my truth? If you are one of the many women in this community who has blessed our Circle with your bravery and vulnerability, you can easily answer this question. If you know the power of being witnessed first-hand, I would also invite you to reach out to a friend or loved one who may not have experienced the power of being held, and heard, and seen. Offer to serve as Sacred Witness for this woman, and/or invite her to join us in Circle.

And if you have an unspoken truth that needs healing, dear Sister, give yourself permission to be witnessed. Reach out to a trusted friend or family member, join us in Circle, or write a letter to Glennon. However you need to find it, don't deny yourself the power of being witnessed.

Being witnessed is *healing*. 
And you know that *I believe that women can heal.*
And when women heal, the world heals.



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