Something magical and unexpected happened to me yesterday when I stepped onto my yoga mat and plugged into my favorite YouTube DIY Yoga guide -- the radiant and adorable Adriene of Yoga With Adriene: She shared our mantra for the day .... 
I accept.
And she invited us to say it with her. 
I accept.
Serendipity was at work yesterday, and Adriene's mantra medicine went straight to my heart. I accept.

Here's something you may not know about me: I am not so much the accepting kind. 
I accept isn't really a well-worn phrase in my vocabulary. For much of my life, I have tended much more toward I control, if I'm being honest with you. And a significant portion of my intense personal work in 2015 was all about releasing control, surrendering in areas where I had previously put up one hell of a constant fight, and, yes... accepting. 
But Adriene's mantra wasn't just about accepting in the Universal sense; more specifically, she was inviting me to accept my Self. And to go even further, by affirming, I accept myself today, and I show up for myself just as I am.

Magic words.

How many of us say -- or even think -- to ourselves, I accept you. I am showing up for you. 
You don't have to do more, or do better, or look better, or *anything* better. I accept you.

I think that for many of us, it feels like uncharted territory; speaking a foreign language. 

So I did it. I thought, I accept myself just as I am today, and I am showing up for myself. 

And you know what? It felt AMAZING. It felt healing and liberating and grounding and calming.
It felt like I had been relieved of a burden that I didn't even know I'd been carrying around with me.

And it wasn't like Adriene *made* me do it, there was no force -- or control. She reminded me that I could grant myself permission to offer myself this act of grace. It was a simple invitation, from her heart to mine ... and I am ever so glad that, in response to her invitation, I said I accept.

This week, Sisters, as you contemplate your Self-Care practice, I invite YOU to weave this magical mantra into your repertoire. How does it feel to think and speak this words to yourself? 
I accept.
I accept myself.
I accept myself just as I am today.
I accept myself just as I am today, and I am showing up for myself.

And beyond accepting ourselves just as we are, what else can we accept... in what other areas can we surrender our control... ?

Wishing you a lovely week of self-acceptance, my beloved Sisters. <3



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