Maybe it's because I'm comfortably in my 40s now, but I'm finding that I'm less and less interested in -- or tolerant of -- wearing hurty clothes just for the sake of looking cute. 
I mean I want to look cute; don't get me wrong. It's just that I've kind of gotten to the point where the means don't justify the ends in a lot of cases. My cute clothes repertoire has changed considerably during the past couple of years. 
I used to have a closet-full of skirts and snug jeans that zip up and require sucking it in, to some degree or another. So I'd do that; I'd get dressed in the morning (when, you know, you are at your lithest), and I'd be like, OK, just a little suck and I'm zipped. There we go! 

But then by day's end? Oh my god. It was painful! I remember feeling like I was counting down until I could go home and put my yoga pants back on. 
So then I was like, Self, what are you doing to yourself? This is not really loving to your body! Be comfortable! Wear stretchy pants and skirts with lycra waistbands! 
So that's what I started doing! I clothing-swapped a bunch of my jeans that were hurty, and got rid of anything resembling khaki pants. I kind of stopped wearing shorts altogether in the summer, opting instead for lycra skirts, or cotton skirts with elastic waistbands. I gave away all of my breast-binding button-down shirts, and began refilling my closet with tops that stretched comfortably over my curves. 
And it felt goooood. 
And now, at 42 years old, I've kind of found my cute-yet-comfortable clothing groove: cotton-lycra leggings on the bottom, and tunics on top. In my new socially-acceptable-jammies uniform, I can move, and bend, and sit on the floor (a must, both at my SLP jobs, and at Red Tent), and *breathe*. And at the end of the day? I'm not even thinking about changing into something more comfortable. 

It feels really good, Sisters.
This choice of clothing has definitely become an intentional part of my practice of self-care. To me, it feels like a way to love my physical and emotional self, and it also bolsters my self-worth to know that I am making choices according to my own standards rather than being at the mercy of a fashion industry that is basically misogynistic at heart. 
So this week, I invite you to ponder your wardrobe, Sisters. What minor tweaks or major overhauls would you consider making in the name of Self-Care? Feel free to share your own NOPE pictures on our Facebook page



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