I am still feeling so deeply connected to the energy of rebirth and renewal . . . this quote came to mind on Saturday morning, and it was the perfect pairing for this image of a poppy blossom that I came across last week. 
In both of the past two Red Tent Women's Circles, our meditation and discussion focused on the theme of rebirth and renewal, which I had imagined would have lend a joyful tone to our March gatherings. 
And there was joy; yes. 
But there were tears, too. Tears of doubt and fear and grief and release. It was beautifully unexpected . . . and it illuminated what so many of us know from our own life experience: rebirth and renewal often come at the end of a season of loss or pain. 
Just as the wheel of the year turns in the predictable cycle of birth/death/rebirth, we too follow the rhythm of beginnings and endings and beginnings. As my wise friend Jen observed in our mother-daughter circle on Saturday night, we women live this rhythm not only yearly with the seasons, but monthly with our cycles, and even daily as we reawaken each morning. Circles within circles.
Embodying this wisdom from Mother Gaia, imagining ourselves as perfect seeds tucked into our flower beds ready to bloom, we can actively and intentionally choose to give ourselves the gift of rebirth and renewal anytime we should need or desire it. 
So this week, beloved Sisters, I invite you to connect with the rebirth and renewal of the natural world, and to feel and cultivate this wisdom with your practice of sacred self-care.
What would your life look like if you knew when it was time to rest, to put something to bed, so that the cycle was then able to renew once again? What would it feel like if you could simply give yourself a do-over -- a rebirth -- in moments when you realized that you had not chosen your best and highest path? How would things be different if you saw your day, month, and life as a reflection of the birth/death/birth cycle? 
How would it feel to give yourself permission to blossom?



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