As the sun is near setting on 2014, I am holding space for gratitude . . . but not gratitude for all that has happened to us, or for the love that others have offered to us. Instead, I hold space, and invite you to step in with me, for the waves of gratitude that we ourselves deserve. 
As women, we are not conditioned to reflect upon *and own* all of the amazing things that we do each day; we are not taught to acknowledge our strength, our power, our wisdom, our perseverance. 
Cultivating and harboring a core of deep self-worth and self-appreciation is truly the wellspring of our Sacred Self-Care practice, Sisters. If we lack a sense of our own deserving, our self-care will never feel authentic or take priority in our lives. 
So this week I invite you, my dear Sister, to spend some time reflecting upon all of the things for which *you* so richly deserve your own gratitude and appreciation. Speaking as a beloved friend, acknowledge to yourself all that you have done out of a place of self-love, self-worth, and self-respect.

It may look/feel/sound something like this . . . 
* Thank you for trusting your intuition.
* Thank you for making the difficult but (self-) loving choices.
* Thank you for speaking your truth.
* Thank you for showing up for yourself.
* Thank you for your courage.
* Thank you for your commitment. 
* Thank you for doing the hard work.
* Thank you for modeling self-respect and self-love.

* Thank you for following your passion.
* I am thankful for your insight.
* I am thankful for your fierce love.
* I am thankful that you did not give up.
* I am thankful for your wisdom.
* I am thankful for your determination.
* I am thankful for the investment you made in me.
* I am thankful for the healthy boundaries you uphold.
* You made the best decision possible in the moment.
* You are powerful.
* You are an amazing mother/wife/friend/partner/daughter/sister.
* You chose love over fear.
* You made a difference.
* You are enough.
* You are inherently worthy of love and respect.

Which of these resonate most deeply with you? Which have I left off the list?

Give yourself permission to freely *give and receive* the love and gratitude that you crave and deserve, dear Sisters. Start with your heart, and follow her lead.

*** With enormous gratitude and love for you all, and all that you have brought in 2014 ***




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