The count-down to Thanksgiving and Black Friday is on, dear Sisters, and I am just wondering how you are all doing. Is the stress of your to-do list weighing upon you, or are you sailing through the week with happy anticipation and grace? Are you looking forward to time with family of origin or family of choice, or are you feeling the singular loneliness that comes this time of year for those without close connections and nourishing traditions? 
This is a time of great expectations for many . . . which can lead to great fulfillment, or intense anxiety. 
Wherever you may find yourself along the continuum of holiday experiences, I invite you to remember to keep your practice of self-care at the forefront of your mind this week.

Give yourself permission to take breaks as needed.
Connect with your breath often. 
Honor your boundaries. 
Protect your children's boundaries.
Move your body. 
Connect with Nature.
Focus on what nourishes your body and spirit.
Remember that you are enough. 
Accept love from your Future Self.
Channel your gratitude.

Wishing you a lovely week, my dear Sisters. 



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