Well, I can't even believe I am going to type this, but it's officially The Holidays, Sisters. (How is it November 2nd already!?!)
This time of year brings myriad emotions to the surface of our awareness, related to our families, our to-do list, our past, and for many women, our relationship with food. 
(I can almost hear the collective groan of dread at the thought of holiday eating, or perhaps the impending stress of holiday food deprivation.)
Anticipation, anxiety, guilt, celebration, shame, self-hate, joy, comfort, apathy . . . 
Where does your compass land when you think of the upcoming holidays and your relationship with food? 
Today, as we ramp up for the coming eight weeks of revelry, I invite you to take a moment to check in with yourself regarding your physical, spiritual, and emotional perspective on holiday eating. Do you allow space in your life to enjoy the foods we typically associate with winter gatherings, or do you feel the constant tug of the shadow-side? Do you consciously tune in to the loving kindness of your Inner Wise Woman, or is Her voice drowned out by the voice of our controlling patriarchal culture?
Let us hold space for each other, here, Sisters, in acknowledgment of the many truths we experience during this time of year. Let us open to possibility of UNLEARNING the lies we've been told about what eating for enjoyment must mean about us. Instead, let us hold space for the beauty and joy of community feasting, breaking bread with our loved ones, celebrating the turning of the year, and, most of all, nourishing our bodies with acceptance and self-love. 



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