So, we are on snow day number FOUR in our household.
That plus the weekend, and the fact that we had Thursday and Friday off last week for conferences means that we've all been together for the better part of eight days now. EIGHT. DAYS. 
Needless to say, some of us are getting a bit testy. A little TOUCHY. Needing some *space*. 
And did I mention I'm firewalking this week, too? 
I have also been aware for the past six months or so that Brynn, my 9yo daughter, has been experiencing an energetic cycle that *of course* is synced with mine. 
So we've got cabin fever on top of Mama and Daughter both just feeling over. it. 
In a proactive (i.e., survival-inspired) moment, I decided this would be a great morning for belgian waffles with blueberries -- Brynn's fave of all faves. A stitch in time, right? 
I told her the breakfast plan, and she was thrilled (natch), and asked if she could have breakfast in bed. 
And I had to stop and think for a moment. 
My initial (internal) reaction, I admit, was *Really*?? Breakfast in bed; isn't that a little . . . extravagant?
But after realizing that there was no good reason to say no to her request, I replied, Yes of course, Milady! 
I then went to the kitchen and prepared the waffles and plated her food beautifully, and carried it up to her room, and said with much ado, Your breakfast, Milady.
Well, she was over the moon, of course. Her smile told me how loved and special she felt. And I thought, Wow! What a powerful thing it is to have someone say to you (in word or deed):
You deserve to be pampered! 
You deserve *extra* today, just because. 
You are special to me.
It's OK to ask for what feels good.
You can enjoy this without any strings attached; no expectations for reciprocity.

Getting these messages from our mothers when we are children allows us to internalize that we are inherently worthy, and teaches us *how to talk to and treat ourselves*. 
But what if we didn't? 
If we grew up without that unconditional validation, it's exceedingly difficult as women to grant ourselves permission to be pampered, to give ourselves extra, to ask for and receive what feels good, and to enjoy self-care without feeling guilty.
And this, of course, means that even though we NEED and DESERVE it, we struggle to integrate self-care into the rhythm of our lives. 
How would it feel, Sisters, if we treated ourselves as we would treat a beloved daughter, or beloved sister or friend . . . or beloved Younger Self?
How would your practice of Self-Care evolve if, every time you felt the red flags of your neglected self-care waving in the gale, you took a moment to connect to your inner child, your beloved Younger Self, and heard her say, Can I have some time for a shower? Can I go to yoga? Can I ask for help? Can I have a minute? Can I eat some delicious food? AND THEN YOU SAID YES. 
And not just YES, but YES MY BELOVED! Yes, Milady. Yes, Beautiful! Yes, Warrior Mama! Yes, Brave-Heart! Yes, Brilliant, Radiant Soul! Yes, My Treasure! Yes, My Favorite and Best!
You deserve it.
You are worthy.
You. are. enough.