PictureArt: Caitlihne (on Etsy)

As the wheel of the carries us into the coldest season, I find myself quite instinctively wanting -- needing -- to burrow down and hibernate. Craving quiet and stillness, I have found myself spending much more time in the cozy confines of my bedroom, giving in to the siren song of my warm bed, studying sky as it shifts from black to the palest watercolor hues at dawn. I gift myself with time to think, permission to shift my focus inward and to conserve my energy. Folding laundry on my bed becomes meditation; Downton Abby on the iPad propped up on a pillow becomes my favorite date with my self; snuggles with my beloveds and reading bedtime stories under the quilt becomes our connecting time for the day. 
Are you feeling the call to snuggle down, dear Sisters? Is the wise medicine of Winter asking you to slow your pace, get extra sleep, enfold yourself in your cocoon? What would your Self-Care practice look like if you were to give yourself permission to say YES to your instinct to hibernate? What are the small gifts you can give yourself during these dark days to honor Mother Nature's rhythm? 
This week, I invite you to connect with your wild wisdom and to cultivate your practice of Sacred Self-Care by connecting with the energy of winter and accepting the gifts she has to offer.